Every Letter

So many precious moments make up this life

And I, I am the only one who knows them all

Each lesson, each adventure, each love, each loss.

Every last one written in my mind in letter form

And packaged neatly in the appropriate envelope

Addressed correctly for easy retrieval

Now tied together as the sum of my life thus far

Still many unwritten letters

With many a blank page waiting to be filled

I will savour each moment

Written in sweet enjoyment as life reveals my truth


love letters

The corner

I am busy turning a corner.

I will soon move into a new street

One where my stride is upbeat

With determination and assurety of goodness

I know once I’ve turned the corner that my goal will be straight ahead

Along the walk I will smell the bouquets of flowers

Feel the glow of the sun on my face

Smile as I make my way down happy lane


What once started as an inner search bubbling forth

Has almost fizzled out to a calm liquid in a strong stream

It was the start of this journey and it has now come full circle, just about

Just around the corner is the new chapter

Living out the results

Life is rewarding

Mr Right All Along

Yes, there are certain things he does that drive me insane.  To the point where I asked him to leave despite all we have together.  That IS how bad it was.

The best part of that time is where I find myself now.  Glad we went through that.  Happy that he loved me enough to clean up his act.  Happy that he loves me so intensely.

A man that’s seen all my faults: my good, my bad, my ugly AND he still wants me, he still loves me and he’s gone to the effort to change.

Has Mr Right been in front of me the whole time?  Perhaps then, he wasn’t Mr Right right now.  I made the right decision all those years ago 🙂  I will not allow it to get to the bad place again, I’m wiser now.

We had to go through the valley to start climbing our new mountain.  We’re nearly at the peak 🙂 Right now, I’m happy to walk this future path with him, as it was planned from the start.


As I try wind down from a time hungry day job to ensure all is in order for when I go on my holiday, the sweet smell of freedom is in the air.  It can be compared to a garden in bloom just after a summer rain shower, or to a fresh sea breeze on a warm summer’s day.  Although, granted, it is winter here in the southern hemisphere which actually makes the comparison that much more enjoyable.

It’s almost as if a sail boat has sails up before the anchor or ropes tying it to the shore have been released.  Raring to go, but held back.  Only for a moment mind you.  With that one release the boat surges forward and onward.  The sound of wind in the taut sails already full of push.

I will enjoy the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, the white water breaking beneath the bow and the wake behind the stern.  Evidence, even if for a little while, that freedom is being felt. The weight of world left on the shore and I return refreshed.




Always there.

Already missing

All perfect

In each’s special way

Understanding me

Loving me for me

Reciprocal feelings

The village that grew a family

The family that grew a village